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School Advisory Board

St. Joseph School Advisory Board Is Looking for New Members! WE NEED YOU!

Purpose: advise the Pastor and Principal on school operations

  • You do not need to have children in St. Joseph School
  • You must be a practicing Catholic, an active member of
    Joseph Parish, and 18 years of age or older
  • School Advisory Board meets once per month
  • The term is three years

Click here to submit your nomination form by April 15, 2023.

Contact School Board at schoolboard@sjsdg.org with any questions.

St. Joseph School Advisory Board

Seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the School Advisory Board is a consultative body that provides direction and advice to school administration and the Pastor regarding issues that affect the school.  It is made up of the Pastor, President and Principal, plus members who serve three-year terms. The Advisory Board oversees several sub-committees. On occasion, it will create special committees to take on special projects.

Sub Committees


The Development Committee was formed to create a proactive, sustainable fundraising and development approach that supports the financial well-being of St. Joseph School. Through the planning and implementation of Development activities, funds are raised to grow the Second Century Fund. All families are called upon to make an annual Development Commitment that can be met through a variety of options, including attendance of sponsored events such as the Green & White Gala, purchase of Manna gift cards, or a monetary donation.  Another key purpose of these activities is to build and promote community in the school and parish family.

Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications Committee positively promotes St. Joseph School and seeks to: enhance communications internally and externally; grow the student population and retain current students/families through recruitment and retention efforts; promote fundraising initiatives that support the financial well-being of the school; build and maintain Alumni relations focused on community and creating a lasting legacy.


The Finance Committee’s primary responsibilities include developing, executing and monitoring an appropriate financial strategy for the school and Second Century Fund in concert with the Pastor, President, Principal and Parish Finance Council.


The Technology Committee researches and makes recommendations on issues regarding technology infrastructure at the school as well as hardware and software solutions for school staff and the classroom.

Athletic & Boosters (A&B)

The Athletic & Boosters Committee funds and administers the athletic program at the school. The goals of the program include skill development, promoting teamwork, building self-confidence and self-discipline, fostering team and school loyalty, as well as physical, spiritual and social growth. The program is fully funded through donations and fundraising and does not rely on tuition money or assistance from the Parish. A&B holds one fundraiser each year, such as the Forever Green Trivia Night, to raise money for the athletic program.

Parent Forum

Parent Forum is the main auxiliary group of the school that performs and facilitates a combination of social, community-building and fundraising activities. To celebrate and foster appreciation of our school, St. Joseph Parent Forum provides opportunities for students and families to develop a mutual understanding and respect for catholic education while enjoying social and service benefits. Parent Forum provides opportunities to involve parents in supporting all students and staff in various programs and activities, and provide parents with the necessary support and structure to be successful volunteers. Our objective provides opportunities for faith formation, social activities that foster a sense of community, cultural enrichment, academic and staff support. For more information on the St. Joseph School Parent Forum Committee, please click here

Religious Identity

The Religious Identity Committee is responsible for helping our students and families understand and practice our faith in various religious and social ways. The Committee’s mission is to help all of our families practice our religion on a daily basis through our service and actions.

Campus Improvement

The Campus Improvement Committee works to assist the Parish and School staff in identifying physical needs of the campus and buildings. Campus Improvement reviews and recommends projects relating to safety, efficiency and aesthetics. Short and long-term capital planning for the campus are addressed by this committee.

School Advisory Board Meetings

All meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the School Library, unless otherwise specified. No meetings are held in July or December. All School Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, except when an Executive Session is called to order.

Member Requirements

Each year, at least one School Advisory Board member completes his/her term of office, thus creating a vacancy. St. Joseph Parish uses a process of discernment to fill these positions. Discernment is not an election, but rather a decision process that uses both prayer and dialogue. It requires that each person interested in becoming a School Board member reflect on his or her own talents, time and energy. Discernment information packets are available in February, and discernment meetings are generally held in March, April and May. The School Advisory Board seats new members at its May meeting.

The qualifications for being a St. Joseph School Advisory Board Member are:

  • Be a registered member of St. Joseph Parish or parent of a child attending the school.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be able to attend monthly School Advisory Board meetings.
  • Be able to serve for three years.
  • Have a desire and ability to work effectively on a committee.
  • Be willing to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.
  • Be willing to promote school goals of service, welcome, academic, prayer and development.
  • Be willing to support and participate in development activities.
  • Exhibit a demonstrated competence and interest in his/her chosen field of committee involvement.
  • You do not need to have a child or children at St. Joseph School to serve on the Advisory Board.

St. Joseph School Board Members may:

  • Not have been a member of the School Advisory Board, Parish Council, Religious Education Board, or be an officer of Parent Forum or Athletic & Booster during the past two years;
  • Be the only member of your immediate family to serve on any board at the same time; and
  • Not be a salaried employee of the parish, nor spouse or blood relative of a salaried employee of the parish.

For more information:

Call the School Office at (630) 969-4306.