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Organization, Preparation are Key to Back-to-School Success

August 11, 2021

With a new school year around the corner, it’s important to prepare for the upcoming change in sleep schedules and study requirements.  Here are some tips for establishing a routine that will ensure back-to-school success.

“In early August, start setting your alarm clock for your school-morning wake-up time,” said Jane Krueger, 1st grade teacher at St. Joseph School.  “Go to bed at your school-night time so you’re not overtired when school begins.”  Students will also benefit from an organized work area in their home.  Pencils, paper, and other supplies will be handy when it’s homework time.

Parents can help their children prepare for a new school year by reviewing materials before the first day of class.  “It helps students to review math facts and sight vocabulary right before school starts,” said Joan Erickson, Kindergarten teacher at SJS.  “Parents should also talk positively to their children about the new school year; brainstorming positive things about school will help ease their student’s transition into a new grade.”

Some tips are beneficial even beyond the first day of school.  Prepare the night before, so your morning routine runs smoothly.  Packing lunches in advance, laying out clothes and shoes for the next day, and making sure supplies and completed homework are secured in their backpack will increase students’ confidence.  Utilizing a checklist ensures that students have everything they need for the school day.

St. Joseph School is hosting their annual Back to School Open House on Sunday, August 22nd from 12:00 to 2:00 pm following outdoor Mass at 11:00 am in the church parking lot.  “It’s a great opportunity for our students and their parents to visit their new classrooms and meet their teachers,” said Jessica Ranquist, Assistant Principal of SJS.  “It often alleviates some of the anxiety that many students feel about going back to school, and it provides an opportunity to drop off school supplies before the hustle and bustle of the first day.”