4832 Highland Ave.

Downers Grove, IL 60515

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Monday to Friday

Crusader Dance Fit Fundraising Event

St. Joseph School is hosting a fun, safe fundraising event from April 21 to May 5!

Our students will experience a world-class character-building program and participate in a fun Crusader Dance Fit event to raise funds for the school. Students will complete 30 to 35 minutes of dancing at the event and, throughout the program, will learn the power of teamwork, care, courage, grit, and celebration.

We have achieved our original goal of $10,000 for STEM programming and resources!

Our NEW goal of $35,000 will help us:

*further support our teachers who have been in the classroom all year!
*host and engage in St. Joseph community events when safe to do so
*recoup our COVID-19 expenses


Help support St. Joseph School by donating here.

Donations can be a set amount per minute of dance (maximum of 35 minutes) or a flat donation.

Thank you for your support!