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School Board

School Board

Seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the School Advisory Board is a consultative body that provides direction and advice to school administration and the Pastor regarding issues that affect the school.  It is made up of the Pastor, President and Principal, plus members who serve three-year terms.

The Advisory Board divides its responsibility into five standing committees: Development, Enrollment, Finance, Marketing and Alumni. On occasion, it will create special committees to take on special projects (i.e., Centennial and Preschool currently).

School Advisory Board Meetings

All meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the School Library, unless otherwise specified. No meetings are held in July or December. All School Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, except when an Executive Session is called to order.

Standing Committees

The Development Committee was formed to create a proactive, sustainable fundraising and development approach that supports the financial well-being of St. Joseph School. Through the planning and implementation of Development activities, funds are raised to grow the Second Century Fund. All families are called upon to make an annual Development Commitment that can be met through a variety of options, including attendance of sponsored events, participation in the Grand Raffle, purchase of Manna gift cards, purchase of a sponsorship or directory listing, or a monetary donation.  Another key purpose of these activities is to build and promote community in the school and parish family.

Through recruitment and retention efforts, the Enrollment Committee seeks to grow the St. Joseph School student population and retain current students/families. Open House (on the last Sunday of January) kicks off the annual enrollment campaign. A variety of promotional tactics are used to attract potential Kindergarten families to tour during Open House and to register for the upcoming school year. In recent years, initiatives have also focused on promoting to families looking at middle schools in the area, resulting in larger numbers of transfer students in all grades. The Enrollment Committee works closely with the Marketing and Catholic Schools Week Committees to coordinate promotional and Open House activities.

The Finance Committee’s primary responsibilities include developing, executing and monitoring an appropriate financial strategy for the school and Second Century Fund in concert with the Pastor, President, Principal and Parish Finance Council. 

The primary goal of the Marketing Committee is to promote St. Joseph School and enhance the school’s communications internally and externally. To accomplish this, we have created a sustainable communications plan, consistent image and messaging, and ongoing communications to school committees and families. Expertise within the committee includes communication planning, execution and measurement of programs; visual design; writing/editing; public relations; printing; and technology solutions.

A volunteer Technology Committee meets as needed and advises the Principal, Pastor and Parish and School Advisory Boards. The committee researches and makes recommendations on issues regarding technology infrastructure at the school as well as hardware and software solutions for school staff and the classroom.

The Saint Joseph Alumni Committee is actively engaged in locating and reaching out to more than 4,000 SJS Alumni that span nine decades. The Committee works with alumni to create an active and vibrant Alumni Association focused on building community and creating a lasting legacy.  A dynamic and effective Association will help further the St. Joseph School mission and support “Excellence in Catholic Education” for generations to come.

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