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4th Grade

4th Grade

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Curriculum Highlights

  • Students will switch classroom for many of their classes throughout the day. They will travel as a group to the other fourth and fifth grade teachers for language arts, science, social studies and math.
  • In social studies, students focus primarily on U. S. history and geography. For example, students complete a region tour to learn about the geography and important history of the 50 United States.  Virtual field trips and tours across the country are used to enhance the learning experience. Students actively participate in hands-on activities to better understand specific events in history.  A favorite is always wrapping Hershey Kisses in Hershey, PA as part of an assembly line.  Historical concepts acquired in fourth grade will continue into their 5th grade social studies class, where students begin their first year of US history- the year 700 to the beginnings of the Civil War.
  • In reading the students study a wide variety of fictional and informational texts.  Students identify and analyze story themes, character development, plot sequence, and setting.  Several novels are read in class throughout the year to develop reading comprehensive skill, including summarizing, inferencing, drawing conclusions, conflict resolution, as well as self, text, and real-world connections.  Students are given weekly opportunities to read and reflect on current news articles on topics related to social studies and science. The current election, environmental concerns, space travel, advances in technology, globalization, and real world problems are some of the many topics that are covered in these informational texts.

4th Grade Curriculum